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Essentiality and navigational reliability
21 SuperPro
24 Open
21 Open
18 Open
20 Young
16 Young
15 Young

This craft is available in outboard engine configuration only.

The internal locker space makes the 21 Open ideal for use in heavy weather conditions.

Additional features include: GRP bow nose for safe anchoring manoeuvres, structural bow ladder built in for boarding ease, the locker below the helm console allows immediate access to equipment, and a built in, under deck fuel tank.

An all round versatile craft.

Technical data
Overall lenght:6.30 m
Overall width:2.52 m
Inside size:4.90 x 1.34 m
Weight:650 kg
Diameter of tubes:0.59 m
N of air chambers:5
Max weight transportable:1080 kg
Person capacity:12
Testing power max:150 Hp
Type approval design cat. CE:C
Transom height:long
Standard and optional equipment...


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