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Comfort with every safety
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A new model that represents an excellent compromise between traditional design forms and innovative trends. A performance-tested hull that guarantees top-flight operation.

The simple but distinctive look favours onboard comfort and convenience.
The Beluga 18 is proposed with a roomy, rear seat that practically surrounds the passengers in the stern for optimal safety.

Two extremely useful hatches on the bow, one at the forward end for housing the anchor and another centrally located for the equipment, create a highly verratile forward area which can also be equipped with a sun lounge.

Technical data
Overall lenght:5.65 m
Overall width:2.32 m
Inside size:4.83 x 1.20 m
Weight:480 kg
Diameter of tubes:0.54 m
N of air chambers:5
Max weight transportable:1260 kg
Person capacity:12
Testing power max:130 Hp - 98 Kw
Type approval design category CE:C
Transom height:long
Standard and optional equipment...


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